12 Angry Men – the Definition of a Leader Essay

Yvette Perkins MBA-6620/ Paper 1 The definition of a leader can be expressed in lots of ways. In recommendation to the film 12 Angry Men, I have actually concerned agree with the quote of our 6th President John Quincy Adams which specifies “if your actions influence others to dream more, find out more, do more, and end up being more, you are a leader.” (Smith, 14) In this motion picture the primary character Davis played by Henry Fonda was able to affect 11 other jurors by presenting the principle of possibility.

Davis exemplified leadership through his behavior, believing, and interaction skills in his efforts to convince the other jurors.

To start, Davis’ habits showed favorable energy throughout the whole motion picture. Upon entering the space he remained quiet and observant of the other jurors. From our conversation package I have discovered an essential success secret, which is to be “quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.” (Smith, 31) This method showed to be significant through his actions. He had the ability to keep his composure during the arguments of the jurors.

In order to become a reliable leader, your enthusiasm, self-confidence, and determination must be expressed through your body language, as did Davis.

In addition to that, I have concerned discover that “thinking is the deliberate exploration of experience for a function.” (Smith, 3) In my opinion, Davis followed the trinity believing design. In pursuit of his purpose he used instructions by asking the other juror “is it possible”. He used understanding by being watchful of his surroundings and the others that surrounded him. Lastly, he utilized lateral thinking by examining the possibilities. Davis stood by his presumption that there was reasonable doubt in his mind.

I believe that he saw the evidence as “EBNE”, it was excellent nut insufficient. (Smith, 7) In his exploration of possibilities he took the technique of 2 Greek theorists. One was Socrates and the technique through question and two Aristotle the method through box reasoning. In this case Davis believed outside the box. Lastly, interaction skills are vital to becoming a reliable leader. As we have gained from our discussion on how the brain streams into perception, people are happy with stability and hesitate to change their methods.

Well, in the movie some jurors were reluctant to alter their perception of the case, which we also know as “blocked by openness”. (Smith, 19) Davis attempt’s to challenge their understanding by utilizing, controling, and managing the realities provided in the case. By asking questions he was able to discover insights and new proof which cause the other jurors altering their votes from guilty to innocent. To conclude, “It is what you trigger to take place in the mind of a listener that makes you fascinating”. Smith, 19) I truly believe that the hardest challenge of life is getting people to think what you believe and battling human nature. Nevertheless, Davis has actually showed us that it is possible. According to the 5 stages of thinking from the packet, the stage of possibility is the generative stage. This phase is where we develop possible options and techniques. My definition of a leader is someone who evaluates information, challenge the truths, and initiates modification; which was demonstrated by Henry Fonda in the movie 12 Angry Guys.

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