12 Angry Men Report

12 Angry Men Report

It only takes one man out of twelve to sway the minds of the rest of the individuals in the space.

That is the primary ethical this story is attempting to teach. It doesn’t matter quantity when it pertains to opinions however the quality. Juror member number 8 changed everyone’s mind in the jury from believing the boy was guilty to innocent. Juror eight did probably one of the hardest things in life, to stand up for your views when everybody else sees whatever opposite from you. It’s not so essay for me to raise my hand and send out a boy off to die without talking about it first. “

Juror eight even stated so himself it wasn’t simple what he did, however he still followed through with it since he deeply thought the young boy wasn’t guilty. Juror 8 encouraged each other juror by showing each story of how the boy killed his father incorrect.

At the end, every juror did not have any sensible doubt that the kid killed his father. Juror 3 was the last one to concur. “Well, you’re not going to intimidate me!

I’m entitled to my opinion.” After a brief 2nd he sucked up his stubbornness and voted innocent. In the end it demonstrates how one male can have a terrific influence on the minds of many. The declaration has actually had a little influence on my life up until now. I have not really seen this trait in reality.

Even though I strongly believe in the truth that a person can make a difference, I do not see it a lot. That’s why it hasn’t had an excellent effect on me. I also believe that there are just a couple of individuals in this world that have acquired this special quality.

You have to be an excellent individual to not give in into the pressure of numbers and strongly stand in what you believe in. This feature still helps me out in life when I face this obstacle too. I believe in my mind that to not give into other individuals’s opinions and to not quit on my concept. This in some cases makes me arrive on leading and end up being the victor of the argument and often it makes me appear like a fool because of what I said.

In either case at the end I can always state it was my principle and I stopped thinking in what I thought was right.

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