12 Angry Men Naturalism and the American Style

This play is both characteristic of the American design of the time and likewise fairly special. An understanding of the style of theater from which this play emerged allows us to have an extremely fascinating look into it.

This play would be thought about naturalistic, taking place over one constant span of time and in one place. Moreover, it features language that is natural-style prose (it seems like how normal people speak). The goal of this is not simply to show how individuals are but likewise why they are the way that they are. For instance, we discover that 3rd Juror is affected by the experience of having a kid. Physical elements are considered also, such as the temperature of the room. All of these are taken into direct factor to consider and effect the story.

The prevailing American style at the time was realism, which is just like naturalism, except that it is a lot more apt to handle time disjointedly. However, it is extremely crucial to keep in mind that the very first incarnation of this full play was, in fact, as a play for tv. Although we are now accustomed to television programs utilizing lots of locations and scenes like movies do, at the time it was even more typical for teleplays and episodic dramas to happen on single sets, like a phase play. For that reason, the teleplay benefits from the restrictions of its format to boost themes and present a narrative that must happen in just one space.

On one hand, courtroom drama “who-dun-its” are definitely a preferred form of storytelling for American audiences. Nevertheless, this play turns that on its head by not showing those involved and even examining the case, but those who are sequestered to review the case, the jurors. This is a relatively abnormal option, however what it does is alter the focus of the play. We are no longer seeing a play about figuring out whether or not the offender eliminated his daddy, a relatively simple design, however rather we are attempting to figure out how these males will discover to work with one another and whether or not they’ll have the ability to overcome themselves and do what is right.

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