12 Angry Men: Emotion Essay

Feelings have significant role in the movie 12 Angry Men when the jurors have to come to a decision about whether the kid is guilty or not. The different feelings shown by the jurors hinderstheir point of view and judgements on the case as well as towards the testimonies from the witnesses taken throughout the trial. Juror # 3 was company and determined that the boy was guilty. He had a powerful hatred towards teenagers in basic after having past experiences with his own child. This makes him look past all the proof developed versus the claim that he is guilty.

For instance, he refused to think the doubt towards the statement of the old man.

As per the testimony the old man heard the young boy shout “I’m gon na eliminate you” in addition to heard a body hit the floor a split second later. After going over in information it enters factor to consider that there might have been no chance for the old guy to hear anything as the el train would have been roaring past his window.

As described by Juror # 8 one is unable to hear their own thoughts with the unbearable sound of the el train. This plainly brings the old guy’s statement into doubt. Juror # 3 is still persistent and persistent to think the fact that is being set in front of him solely due to the fact that of his anger and hatred towards teens.

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In contrast, Juror # 2 is brand-new to the juror and thus very delighted and thrilled about the case. When he gets the chance to speak about the case, he is extremely open towards any argument that is being made. He thinks rationally of every piece of evidence that was not bought in court and makes his decisions concerning that. Therefore with a really unprejudiced pleased mind his capability to believe logically and reasonably about the case comes into practice. This is how different jurors pertain to various conclusions through their emotions in the movie 12 Angry Men.

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