12 Angry Men: Conflict & Negotiation

Tutorial (T3/W4) 1. Chalkboard Online Forum Describe Blackboard, Discussion Board, for the guide project. i)Presume you’ve been designated HR Executive (Training & & Development) of McPEC (Marine & & Offshore Engineering Pte Ltd) in Singapore.

McPEC is a privately owned entity and a member of the Entraco Group of Business. The business is capable of undertaking turnkey engineering, procurement, building and construction, installation and project management (EPCIM) for onshore and offshore oil and gas projects.

McPEC is likewise an ISO 9001-2000 licensed company, which fulfills the continuous demand for quality and security requirements of all oil and gas customers. Your immediate superior, Mr Lee, Human Resource Supervisor, has actually instructed you to come up with a proposition on how to perform training for staff who are poor in time management. The following standards are given to you:– 20 staff, in between the ages of 20– 40, have been found to be bad in time management by not satisfying deadlines for their work– 3 hours of training in time management to be carried out– Training Needs Analysis (TNA) refrained from doing Non-training needs not evaluated With the understanding you’ve gotten so far from TRGD lectures and notes and with reference to McPEC, address the following questions: – What are the training objectives? – What are the suitable training techniques? – What are the factors that affect transfer of training? Enter your private answer into Chalkboard. This is to be done as research before coming to the tutorial. ii)View the DVD by Julie Morgenstern who’s performing training in time management.

Notification her method and the points she covers. (Time offered: 30 mins) Self-assessment The length of time it will take 4D’s: delete delegate hold-up reducing Time map Change the theory into practice Draw a relevant map on your own Rapport Multi task iii)Tutor shall summarize the main points of the video and their importance to the tutorial assignment. (Time provided: 10 mins) iv)What could you learn from the approach taken by Julie? Read the answers of your schoolmates on Blackboard. What could you gain from the answers of your classmates?

Talk about as a group on how you could enhance on your earlier specific response on training in time management? Enter your enhanced group response into Blackboard. (Time offered: 50 minutes) v)Each group is to present the main points of their answer. (Time offered: 20 minutes) Involvement on Blackboard will add to your specific class involvement mark as follows:– Appropriate points for efficient time management (20 marks)– Practical examples (20 marks)– Ideal for the Singapore context (10 marks) Overall: 50 marks 2. Tutor Assessment Time– CA1

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