12 Angry Men

The film twelve upset men was a film about different individuals from backgrounds, races, and faiths. They were all different and remaining in a group characteristics class we learnt more about how character affects individuals and other things that people tend to do. The judge in the start of the movie revealed some non spoken behavior, which is sending a message without using words however things like facial expressions and body movements.

The judge in the start was stooped over meaning he was not very alert and appeared to be a passive man.The foreman is supposed to be the leader of the jury’s and according to his habits he is. He communicates well which is an essential role to being a leader. The foreman operates as a leader because he listens well and also attempts to give out concepts to the remainder of the jurors. He has the capability to look at the situation in other perspectives. In making these hard choices the jurors require to have perception checks, to make certain they are not leaping to any conclusions. This is the life of a kid and their choice depends on his life.

The disputes that develop in the jurors space where productive to the scenario at hand. The disputes were resolved in a great way and helpful to the case and getting everyone to feel confident about whether the kid was guilty or not. The jurors had presumptions about “those individuals” and “shanty towns” which affected the way they felt about the case. Their assumptions about those things affected the method they considered the case at first, the understanding of the truths was changed because of having some type of bias.The juror’s presumptions pertained to the cultural and social diversity of the jury. The jurors based on how they lived their life, thought differently from the ones who were different from them based on the way they lived their lives. There were a great deal of information to the case, and some jurors did not rather remember what others did.

Some jurors kept in mind things that others did not due to selective listening. The majority of the jurors listened to things that held more indicating to them than others.During the entire case the jurors did not know each other’s names and there is a value to this, the importance is that being in the case it is expected to be a strictly business environment. They are there to do one job which is to decide. The twelve upset men is a reflection of how individuals act together and how their habits can affect others. The motion picture is a good example of things we have discovered in class.

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